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Garden Members

Plot Rental Details

Our dues schedule is seasonal:

  • January to June
  • July to December

$50 suggested fee per season, please pay what you are able.

Seasonal Fee Includes Water, use of tools, access to seed exchange and community space.

Task Forces Gardeners with plots are required to put in 8 hours per season of work on community spaces/projects and must join a task force.   Gardening Requirements This is an organic space; no chemical herbicides, pesticides, fungicides or synthetic fertilizers allowed. All planting and activities must follow the Blackshear Neighborhood Garden Policies.   Each member is required to fill out the Liability Release Form.

Garden Log

Our garden thrives when we all help out!   Please use the buttons below to record the work you did towards your 8 hours of required community service. You can also check out the Wish List. We all appreciate your efforts!

Learn to Garden in Central Texas

Let's Grow Together

Gardening is fun, but can be challenging too... Luckily there is an amazing community ready to help out! Be sure to connect with your fellow gardeners to learn the ropes of growing at Blackshear. Member Directory

The Texas AgriLife Extension has a very helpful website with tips for each month of the year.

This Chart, also from Texas AgriLIfe Extension, lists the best vegetable varieties for our area of Central Texas. Planting well-adapted varieties increases your gardening success!

Garden How To's

Drip Irrigation Setup / Repair

Drip line is an excellent way to water your plants while conserving water. Water is delivered straight to the roots, so very little is lost to evaporation. We recommend mulching with two to three inches of mulch on top of the drip line.   You can use leaves or straw or wood chips. That way the soil temperature and moisture are regulated better, and do not fluctuate wildly on hot days, which reduces plant stress during our intense Texas summers.   Nathan's Video Series on Drip Line Setup

Garden Leadership Team

Current Members: Caitlin, Nathan, Donna   Responsible for making changes to garden policies, keeping the garden in good standing and health, and building participation by the garden community. Primary roles include managing: Finances; Compliance with city agreement; Members and volunteers; Upkeep, specifically of common areas; Events; Website, Facebook page, Email listserv.   New members of the Leadership Team are approved by the current members of the Leadership Team by consensus, and are inducted from garden supporters in good standing who are willing to serve in this role for at least a year.   Members of the Leadership Team can be removed by a 2/3rds majority vote

Each garden plot renter serves on a task force to harness volunteer power!

Garden Task Forces

Ongoing elements of the garden are organized into separate cooperatives.


Dream it up and let's do it! The garden is as awesome as we make it.

Garden Projects

**Garden supporters can propose work party projects [here](!**